Read our terms and conditions carefully and make a good decision to order our products and services. Every contract that our company may enter into, for the complete provision of services, must be governed by the terms and conditions. Our company will ask every customer for their acceptance of the terms and conditions when they use the official website and buy our products and services.

An active subscription is vital to use our hosting service. Every customer gets a 14-day free trial which can be extended on request at our company’s discretion.  Once the trial period has completed, the overall fees must be paid in advance.

You may wish to cancel your account. You have to do it before your account renewal is due. A cancellation must be made through the dashboard which is user-friendly by nature.  Every user of this facility can save time and fulfil cancellation requirements.

  • Business day means any weekday which is except a bank or public holiday.
  • Business hours mean the hours from 09:00 to 17:00 GMT/BST on every business day.
  • Charges mean the amount or fees specified and updated regularly on our website and such amount may be agreed by every party in writing within the complete contract from one time to another.
  • The contract means an agreement made under our terms and conditions between the customer and the host.
  • The customer means any individual or entity identified as such in the web hosting contract.
  • Customer confidential information means information disclosed by the customer to the host while the term is writing, or orally and at the time of disclosure was marked as secret and described by the customer as confidential and must have been understood by the host to be secret.
  • Terms and conditions means the overall documentation containing the contract’s provisions including the main body of the terms and conditions, online services order form, and amendments to the documentation from time to time.
  • The contract must come into force upon the actual and effective date.
  • The contract must continue in force until further notice.
  • Every online service order form shale make a unique contract under the terms and conditions when the parties are not expressly agree in writing.

Hosting service implementation

Our company shall implement the best-in-class hosting services by the successful transfer of associated websites from the host’s development servers and installation of the associated websites on the live servers of the host, or assisting with the transfer of associated website from the third-party host and installation of the associated websites on the host’s live servers.

Our company shall complete the hosting service implementation within the period specified on the relevant packages following the new business day or effective date upon which the host has an entire access to the relevant websites’ constituent elements.

We shall provide the hosting services to every customer from the hosting service implementation date to the end of the agreed term. We shall use reasonable endeavours for maintaining the availability of the hosting services to the customer via the associated period. However, there is no guarantee of 100% availability.